Cory Morrow is paying a down-home homage to the backbone of America's labor force in his new song, "Blue Collar."

The track weaves an organic mix of sprightly acoustic guitar and fiddle with a lyric that gives a tip of the hat to those whose unsung daily toil keeps America strong.

"His heart is kind and his back is strong / His job's a grind, his days are long / He is saving dimes and biding time and paying down his dues / His hands are always calloused and his collar's always blue," Morrow sings in the chorus.

“We can probably all think of that person around us that’s consistent, humble, and grateful. A man of strong faith and character who inspires us to be better," Morrow reflects. "That’s who we wrote 'Blue Collar' about.”

Morrow recorded his ninth studio album, Whiskey and Pride, at the Zone Recording Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas. Lloyd Maines produced the twelve songs, ten of which Morrow wrote or co-wrote. "Blue Collar" appears on the record, and Morrow adds two covers, paying tribute to two of his mentors; Rodney Crowell with “Funny Feeling,” and Jerry Jeff Walker with “Hill Country Rain."

Whiskey and Pride finds Morrow in a more introspective place than many of his past releases, keeping pace as always with the changes in his own life. The album intersperses good-time barroom rockers with more emotionally complex fare and some of the most vulnerable, complex and confessional lyrics the Texas-based country singer-songwriter has yet produced.

“The material on this album covers hard choices – from trying to find faith in difficult situations to celebrating life by running out naked into the hill country rain,” Morrow says. “Whiskey and Pride is honestly one of my most diverse records to date.”

Whiskey and Pride is set for release on Sept. 14. The album is currently available for pre-order, and fans who order early will receive two tracks instantly; the title song, and a song titled "One Foot." For more information about Cory Morrow, visit his official website.

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