As most adults will tell you, the jobs they held as teenagers usually weren't too glamorous. They were at least good for a few bucks, though, and they often taught valuable lessons about self-discipline, reliability and independence.

No doubt those are among the factors that are in play for this week's Couples Court litigants -- they just see them a little differently.

Dear Rik and Michele:

Our teenage son failed to get himself a summer job, so my husband -- who works at a local country club -- has gotten him a job working with him.

I think he's just trying to embarrass our son, who hates manual labor (he'd be helping the grounds crew), but my husband says he needs to learn the value of working!

Our son thinks this job is beneath him and is already dreading summer -- which I fear will give him a negative outlook on work in the future. I say let him keep looking on his own, but my husband isn't backing down.

Who's right? Should we force our boy to take this job?


OK, Bull Pen jurors. Those are the facts. Now let's listen for how this case plays out in Judge Michele Mathews' court.

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