It's national Couples day, but we say you can use any excuse to have your own special couples day and celebrate your relationship. Some people get frustrated trying to come up with new things to do as a couple. Sometimes it feels like you've done it all, but we're here to show you there are plenty of fun and romantic places to check out in the Yakima Valley.

Whether you're a new couple or have been dating for a while, heck maybe you're married, it's never too early or late to start celebrating your relationship. hopefully this list can give you some fun and easy ideas to go out and celebrate one another.

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5.) PJ's Music Box

Spend a night out at PJ's Music Box, a nightclub right here in the Yakima Valley. Hit the dance floor, order food and drinks and enjoy a fun night with your significant other and watch each other bust a move!

4.) Drink N Games

If you and your significant other like to relax play games, drink, or do karaoke then this is the spot for you, with new and vintage games at your disposal you and that special someone can spend all night playing together and bonding over your favorite games and songs together.

3.) Bale Breaker Brewery

Head on out to Bale Breaker where the magic is made, and by magic, we mean cold delicious beer. Not only do they have a wide open tasting room but they also have outdoor seating and food trucks that frequent their parking lot. Grab a bite to eat, and a pitcher of beer and enjoy each other's company while getting out of the house.

2.) 14 Hands Winery

Not only do they have an amazing and beautiful tasting room, but they also offer tasting events that you and your special someone can attend and get a real taste of the amazing wine made right here in the Yakima Valley. Schedule a tasting or see more of the events and offers by visiting their website.

14 Hands Winery 

1.) Yakima Steak Company

Looking for a delicious dinner with amazing appetizers and brews? Yakima Steak Company is the spot for you. They have a cozy setting that allows you truly relax while you enjoy a hearty meal with savory entrees! You'll wanna schedule a reservation as this place sees a good amount of business.

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