Dating Etiquette 101
Michele is gone this week, but luckily we have our "Be A Bull DJ" contest winner, Lindsay, filling in on the Morning Bull Pen.
Lindsay's currently single, and we started talking this morning about how hard dating can be in 2017.
I told her that my foster mom drilled into me how to treat a wo…
Stuck in the middle
This week's Couples Court involves a worry many parents are forced to confront at some point: a teenage daughter wanting to date an older, out-of-school boy.
But it gets even more complicated if the parents are separated and don't agree on the answer. Such is this case here ...
Go ahead: Sugar-coat it
We can thank researchers at Purdue University for helping men and women around the U.S. get a second date. Not sure why they are studying this subject, but we're not arguing with the results.
Purdue's study involved 125 people who were on a first date. Researchers gave half of them a sweet drink and …
List of Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriends and the Songs Behind Them
Taylor Swift is not shy about the fact she writes songs about her ex-boyfriends. You can't really blame her since most country songs are written about real life experiences and Taylor's just happen to be dating at this point in her life.
You can't tell me that some of Kelly Clarkson's songs or Reba's…

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