Craig Morgan will honor his son, Jerry Greer, on the season finale of All Access Outdoors. Jerry died in a boating accident last July, and his dad is emotional while discussing his son's love of the outdoors in a preview clip for the episode.

“Of all the things that we’ve done this year on All Access Outdoors, this is, by far, the most difficult for me to do," Morgan says, "because I’m discussing my son, someone that I love so much, who’s not here with us anymore."

Morgan says Jerry spent more time on the show than any of the singer's other kids because he was just as passionate about the outdoors as his father.

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“He loved the outdoors. Jerry’s favorite things were, first and foremost, his family, then his friends, and then the outdoors," the country hitmaker says. "The outdoors includes sports. He was a very avid football player, basketball player and athlete."

"He was super passionate about the outdoors which was wonderful for me because I got to spend so much of my life and the experiences I got to take in with Jerry."

The season finale of All Access Outdoors airs on Monday (Oct. 2) on the Outdoor Channel.

Jerry died while tubing on Kentucky Lake in Humphreys County, Tennessee, in July 2016. An autopsy confirmed that he drowned, despite wearing a life jacket. At the time officials could not explain why his life jacket didn't bring him afloat after the accident. Jerry was due to attend Marshall University to play football that fall.

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