There's something about Trace Adkins singing a song about or for the American military that feels definitive. When the big man opens up on "Still a Soldier" it's reminiscent of your grandfather making a decision that unites two divided halves of the family. It's the final word.

Adkins has earned the right to sing this song from his Something's Going On album. He has a deep appreciation for country music and American history and has practically cut enough military-themed songs to make a patriotic compilation album. He's certainly done enough shows for the troops or other American festivals to make a great live compilation album.

"Still a Soldier" doesn't add unnecessary praise or pity to the soldier's story. He paints a more familiar picture of a man living an everyman's life, but still feeling a call to duty when he watches the news or hears the National Anthem. "Oh, but even if he lives / To be a hundred / He'll still be a soldier," Adkins bellows at the bridge of the Phil O'Donnell and Wade Kirby co-write.

The timing of this song's release is intentional, but "Still a Soldier" doesn't come across as much a man taking advantage of current events as much as it does one answering. Adkins' six-year winless streak on the radio will end with this song.

The Country Men Have Served America

Trace Adkins' "Still a Soldier" Lyrics: 

He's got a corner lot on Dogwood Drive / A year old truck and a nine to five / Comes home at night to a pretty wife / With a baby due / He'll sleep in on Saturday / Cut the grass if it don't rain / After church he'll watch the game / And have a beer or two / He'll stand up / When he hears the anthem / And that won't ever change.

He's still a soldier / His blood runs red, white and blue / He put away his gun and boots / But he still believes / The American Dream / 'Til his last breath he'll always be / A soldier.

He's still a soldier / He's on his couch for the news at ten / He'll see those places that he's been / And when a brother falls / there's a part of him that does too / And if they called and needed him back / Oh, he'd be on that plane.

He don't wake up anymore / When he hears thunder / Oh, but even if he lives / To be a hundred / He'll still be a soldier / He's still a soldier.

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