It happens every year. February 14th rolls around and we’re all supposed to be in the mood for love. Well, if you’re having a little trouble getting there this year, watching some truly outrageous (and gladly accepted) marriage proposals should pretty much do the trick.

We’ve scoured YouTube and found ten of the most outlandish, creative, unique and downright incredible marriage proposals it has to offer. But be warned, this will make you feel like proposing or being proposed to. No kidding, this is potent stuff. So, if you’re now looking for ideas and inspiration, we’ve got them.

Use Magic

You shouldn’t have to trick a girl into marrying you, but sometimes a little slight of hand doesn’t hurt when trying to get the ball rolling.

Giant Signs Always Works

Advertising agencies do it all the time. If you want to get someone’s attention, you have to light up a big board in the middle of Times Square. Just be careful that the proposal doesn’t sparkle more than the ring.

Use Your Natural Habitat

A proposal is only as good as the building that presents it. She’s going to need some tall shoes under her wedding dress, but who are we to judge the love between a building and a woman?

Use Land and Air

What better time to ask your lovely lady to take the plunge than while she’s taking a plunge? All you have to do is convince her to jump out of a plane and then figure out how to make giant letters and not misspell anything.

Use Gravity (And Padding)

This has to be one of our favorites. It goes from blah to blaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh in a flash. Although, we don’t recommend giving your beloved a heart attack.

Use Everyone in Your City

Speaking of flashes, how about the biggest flash mob ever on the UCLA campus? That should convince her you mean business.

Use Her Trusting Nature

Your girlfriend already knows you’re anal retentive, but generous with an eye for detail. Why not create an elaborate series of events for the proposal so she knows you’ll be planning the wedding more than she will?

Use Your Inner Martin Scorsese

Why should Hollywood get to corner the market on romance? Your love story is as good as any Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Even better if your name is Oscar and you can tell her she’s won one.

Use Pretty Much Everything

She can’t help but say yes if she has absolutely no idea what’s going on because of a complete overload. The effects are only temporary, though, so you better trick her into getting married on the spot as well.

Use Your Medication

If all else fails, just scare her into marrying you. She’ll definitely say “yes” if she knows you’ll set her on fire if she says “no.”

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