How come this never happens on the streets I'm driving on?

Around 5:40 P.M. on Tuesday, 35-year-old Tracy Mabb was standing at an intersection in Pompano Beach, Florida wearing nothing but a long T-shirt.  She had no pants or shorts, and nothing on underneath.

We know that, because apparently she kept lifting her shirt up to flash EVERYTHING at passing cars.  The police say she exposed, quote, "her breasts and buttocks in a completely vulgar and indecent manner."

When the cops got there, she refused to stop flashing and told them, quote, "I don't give [an eff]" about getting in trouble.  She was arrested and charged with exposing sexual organs in public.  It's not clear if she was drunk or high at the time.

And her mugshot is fantastic:  She's either screaming, crying, or some combination of both.