Nobody says 'rad' anymore?
I remember slang words that we used "back in the day" and they were way cooler than the slang words that are used today. I was standing in line at Costco the other day and two teenagers were talking to each other. They actually weren't looking at each other, they were looking …
Shopping For Halloween Costumes — What Catches Your Eye?
I love Halloween! I love shopping for Halloween over any other holiday. It is a chance to be whatever you want for as many parties as you can go to.  If I can afford it, I will be two or three things for the occasion. Shopping for costumes, although fun, can be hard too -- because I want everyt…
Google Searches Are Wacky Late At Night
What do you search for on Google? I love to search for new ways to cook things. Late-night Google searching is especially crazy! From 1 a.m. on, people search on how to roll a joint. Guess what the top search is though after 2 a.m.?
This year's greatest kid costume
Imagination is the name of the game and this six-month old boy is getting the ride of his life -- even if he doesn't even know it. One dad is pushing his creativity to the next level by building a Halloween costume around his son.
Crazy Mugshot of the Day!
How come this never happens on the streets I'm driving on?
Around 5:40 P.M. on Tuesday, 35-year-old Tracy Mabb was standing at an intersection in Pompano Beach, Florida wearing nothing but a long T-shirt.  She had no pants or shorts, and nothing on underneath...