It hit me like a gut punch. We got a frantic call. It was one Lisa’s close friends Justine. Her husband Danny, just passed out on their kitchen floor and was unresponsive. We didn’t know it at the time, but his brain was bleeding.

Justine was a wreck. She was scared and confused as we all would be. The unknown was in front of her - and her husband, the person she loves the most in the world, was suffering.

Danny is just 38 years old – faaaaarrrrr too young to be dealing with an issue like this.

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Danny & Justine

Danny and Justine are two pretty awesome folks. He works at Costco and she is in management at a large retail store. They love anime, comic books are super chill and great people. Lisa has known them most of her life. I just recently got acquainted with them and found them fun, engaging and giving type folks.

Now their world is turned upside down – and inside out.

Justine is now following the wailing ambulance to the hospital that is carrying her husband, in her car with her Father in the drivers seat. She is trying to figure out what’s going on. She is more than upset. You can hear the tears, pain and confusion in her voice. I didn’t blame her. The game had changed. The deck has been shuffled.


This serves as a reminder, that life has unexpected twists and turns. We all will face similar moments in one form or another. It’s dark, selfish and horrible side of life.

Now, here comes the cheese. Cheese level 5 if you will - we are never promised tomorrow.

Here’s some cheese. Enjoy life’s little moments.


Want some extra cheese? Appreciate hugs from loved ones. Enjoy a baby’s laughter. Take in that view. Enjoy observing creation and the world around us. Find the beauty in small things. The dexterity that is your hand. The fantastic engineering that is your eye.

Here’s your last piece of cheese.

Enjoy the silence.

My Old Stomping Grounds / Point Lobos in Monterey

Hard for some to do. Especially someone high strung like me. But there is a beauty in it. You just gotta take the time to look.

Wow. That’s more cheese in one setting than is found on most pizzas.

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Danny is in recovery right now. His prognosis is looking up. Justine has adjusted and still is adjusting. She also has found a new appreciation for those small moments.

After experiencing her story – I do too.


All My Best To You And Danny,

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