Darius Rucker is heading back to his hometown of Charleston, S.C., in a new Design Network show called Rucker's Reno. The show will follow the country star's journey as he renovates a historic mansion that is currently a vacant city landmark.

"I'm a guy who likes stories, and I can't wait to tell this one," Rucker says in a trailer for the show. "... I think this house is gonna be really inspirational, because of where it is, because of what it is, knowing who built it."

The downtown Charleston building was originally built by enslaved Black Americans, and through telling its story, Rucker will also shed light on the Southern city's history. When the house is finished, at the end of the six-part television series, it will reflect the city's history as well as providing a stunning home for Rucker and his family.

Additionally, Rucker will use the show's narrative to spotlight some of the local culture of Charleston, which the singer describes as "my favorite city in the world." He'll take viewers into the vibrant culture of the city, highlighting local chefs, fishermen, entrepreneurs and more.

“It’s always an honor when I get to showcase my hometown of Charleston to the world, and I’m thankful to the Design Network for such a great platform to do just that,” Rucker says in a statement. “The team on this project was so talented and made it such a fun, creative process from start to finish. I can’t wait for everyone to see the transformation!”

The show is one of multiple ways that the country singer is showcasing his love for his hometown this year: Rucker is also bringing a new festival to Charleston, called the Riverfront Revival.

Rucker's Reno premieres on May 30 at 8PM ET on the Design Network. Additionally, an exclusive series of the show is available now on Samsung TV Plus.

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