Well, that didn't go as planned.

Yesterday was Date night with Lisa. The plan was to go grab some food and get some stuff for a project, then go grab some drinks. Solid plan right?

It all started with a project we have been working on in our laundry room. We are looking at putting in some shelves as a DIY project. The plan was to go to Lowes, grab a bite then to Bale Breaker's Taproom. Sounds like a decent afternoon right?

Well, before the wheels started falling off the wagon, we decided to hit Lowe's first. We looked at shelving, but nothing would fit. We tried going to Home Depot. Same thing. Nothing worked. Nothing worked for our space.

Lowes Q1 Profit Rises 44 Percent

Strike 1.

So we shelved (see what I did there?) the idea and decided to grab a bite at a Hot Dog place. It was a food truck situation which I am all about. We always try to shop local, even if we pay a little more. We heard some about this place, so we were really looking forward to experiencing it.  We ordered. It took over 20 minutes to get our food. Let me say too, this place was a little light on taste and flavor.

Record-Sized Hotdog Shown At Chicago Food Fete

Strike 2.

After initial disappointment, we headed out to Bale Breaker Taproom in Moxee. The website said they were open until 6pm on Sunday. At least we will get some quality beer as our two attempts at getting what we wanted was a bust, this should pay off.

We pulled up to Bale Breaker and the parking lot had a number of cars. I thought, "This place is hoppin'." We walked up to the Taproom door and it was locked. CLOSED! The website had not been updated since COVID, so we were outta luck.


Strike 3.

I may be bad at this dating thing. Here the deal, Lisa and I both just laughed it off that our Date night bust.

The take away? Spending time with the ones you love, is never a swing and a miss - it can be a home run -  if you let it.


All My Best,



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