Dave Haywood and Kelli Cashiola started off the old-fashioned way: as friends. In fact, the couple logged a solid five years of friendship before they started dating.

"I feel so lucky that our friendship has grown into this relationship," Haywood told People back in 2011, when the couple had been dating for about six months. "We are totally comfortable and ourselves with each other."

Both know the ups and downs of life in the music industry, too: Haywood, of course, is one-third of Lady Antebellum, and, at the time, Cashiola was the vice president of marketing / brand management for Warner Music Nashville.

Only about a month after going public with their relationship, the couple shared more exciting news: They were engaged! Haywood's December proposal was Christmas-themed, too: After picking up his then-girlfriend from work, Haywood blindfolded Cashiola and drove her home, where she discovered that every room had been transformed into a "sparkling winter wonderland." The icing on the cake? "Will you marry me?" spelled out with Christmas lights in front of the house.

Speaking of ice: The two exchanged rings and vows on April 14, 2012, at Front Porch Farms in Ashland City, Tenn. Singer-songwriter Dave Barnes performed the ceremony, and the other two-thirds of Lady Antebellum -- Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott -- were in attendance.

In September of 2014, Haywood and Cashiola welcomed their first son, Cash Van Haywood. Baby Cash got his name from his mother's maiden name (shortened to Cash) and Haywood's father, whose name is Van. The family of three turned into a family of four with the arrival of the couple's second child, a girl named Lille Renee Haywood, in December of 2017.

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