Uh oh.

The group formerly known as LADY ANTEBELLUM didn't do their research before changing their name to LADY A.  There's a blues singer from Seattle who already goes by that name - and she has no plans to change it.

Her name is Anita White, and she's been performing as Lady A for over 20 years.  She's released several albums, and her new one, "Lady A: Live in New Orleans", will be out July 18th.  She also has a day job with the Seattle Public Utilities.

She found out about this on Thursday when friends started leaving messages.  So when "Rolling Stone" contacted her, she was ready to talk.  Quote, "It shouldn't have taken George Floyd to die for them to realize their name had a slave reference to it. 

"It's an opportunity for them to pretend they're not racist or pretend this means something to them.  If it did, they would've done some research.  And I'm not happy about that.  You found me on Spotify easily . . . why couldn't they?"

A rep for the band told "Rolling Stone" that they were "not aware of the other artist" and were planning to reach out.  Translation?  Their overpriced attorneys are looking at every legal option and probably making huge cash offers.

The lesson? Look before you leap

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Lady Antebellum is now “Lady A” — but so is a black blues singer who’s performed music under the name for 20 years. “For them to not even reach out is pure privilege,” says the woman with the original moniker https://rol.st/3d0i9XP 

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