Michele and I had this great charity, Days For Girls, on the air a few months back.

I never realized that girls around the world in third world nations didn't have access to basic clothing and feminine products.

Days For Girls is a nonprofit organization in Yakima that sends underwear, wash cloths and Ziploc bags to make a difference in the lives of young women around the world -- and they're holding an event Aug. 20 at the Harman Center, 101 N. 65th Ave., in Yakima.

It's a great cause, but they need your help.

If you are a willing woman and can trace, cut, iron or sew, Days For Girls needs you.

They also need donations of bright-colored cotton and flannel fabric, girls underwear sizes 10-14, wash cloths and freezer-quality Ziploc bags. If you are able to help out, it will make a world of difference in the life of a young lady somewhere in the world.

You can help by calling Toni McBean at (509) 728-1236 or get more information at Days For Girls.