Comic conventions are starting to come back after two years and nerds everywhere can't wait. Emerald City Comic Con is this December and currently announcing guests, granted tickets are pricey and you'll have to plan a trip around getting to Seattle.

What if I told you I have a new kind of Comic-Con you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home in Yakima? DC Fandome is an online convention held by DC Comics and Warner Brothers. It'll be heavily focused on the new movies coming out and updates on their tv shows, comics, and a whole lot more.

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When Is DC Fandome?

Dc Fandome is an exclusive online event taking place on October 16th and is free to all. You won't have to pay a dime and you'll be watching everything go down live whether you're in Yakima or New York.

The Panels

thankfully the panels as we like to call them are all hosted online on their website and you get to chose where ya go and what you wanna participate in. You can be there live for the full announcement panel focusing on new movies like The Batman and Flashpoint (We'll get more into that later.) But at the same time some comic creators, or tv show series may be announcing new and exciting things coming to their stories. You get to choose which you wanna see more and in the end, you can still go back and watch whatever else you missed.

There are also panels featuring games, art, writers, and more all available for you to explore while you enjoy the con. Of course, they'll have an exclusive store where you can order exclusive items that are only available during Fandome.

Movies They'll Be Talking About At Dc Fandome

At the last DC Fandome, they debuted The Batman trailer along with having the director there and a special video message from the new Batman, Robert Pattinson. The trailer went beyond viral and left people demanding more. The latest news from The Batman movie comes from a private screening. We found out the movie is 3 hours long and a dark new version of Batman that follows much closer to the comics. More than likely on October 16th we'll get our second trailer for this film.

We should also be getting a new look at a Flash trailer which will feature Ezra Miller as The Flash, Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman. After going back in time the Flash comes back to an alternate timeline pretty much like Back To The Future 2. Instead, his world will be upside down and up to his new mentor and a much older Batman to help him set things right. This is a chance for DC to reset their universe and maybe get things back on track. Fans so far have been loving what's been coming out. The Suicide Squad was our look at what the overall formula could be moving forward for DC Movies.

DC Fandome will also be giving us either a teaser or a full-blown trailer for Aquaman 2. Starring Jason Momoa as Aquaman we're gonna be taking another deep dive into the ocean following Aruther after he's been crowned King Of Atlantis. It'll be interesting to see if the movie is going to be taking a different approach even tho the first one was successful at the box office.

Black Adam will also have a trailer reveal at this event finally giving us a look at what Dwayne The Rock Johnson will look like inside the DC Universe. Black Adam Is an extremely destructive force and a villain to DC Superhero Shazam. However, it seems he'll be having an outing without running into his advisory however he will be joined on screen with Hawkman.

Shazam 2 already has people talking and people are excited to see Zachery Levi reprise his role as the kid superhero. Orphan Billy Batson has been gifted superpowers from an ancient Wizard just by speaking the name SHAZAM. After Billy Speaks the magic word he turns into an adult and can almost rival Superman in power. Now in Shazam 2, Billy will be joined by his foster family who now all share his power and taking on a new villain.

DC Video Games

DC has changed the world of gaming when it came to superhero games, The Batman Arkham series became one of the biggest grossing game franchises due to the love of the game alone. Now they're taking a step away from the heroes and focusing on the villains. The Suicide Squad game is going to team you up with a group of villains like Harley Quinn and King Shark to go up against a rogue Superman. It looks like we'll be getting big news on this game and even another trailer.
Gotham Knights will also have some news coming, after they had to delay the game it's more than likely they'll be giving a new release date and trailer on the same day. You finally get to play as the entire Batfamily and have to save Gotham after the passing of Batman.

Tv Shows

Dc has a lot of shows and news will be coming out about new series as well. Of course, they'll be talking about their hit CW show The Flash and what's coming for the new seasons ahead. They'll also be talking about the new seasons of Stargirl, Titans and, DoomPatrol.

If you don't wanna miss out on this event mark a reminder on your calendars for October 16th, 2021, and then use the link right here. DC Fandome

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