So last weekend I went to Vegas.  The last couple of years we've celebrated my wife's birthday down there.  Well this year, the Vegas Golden Knights were in the Stanley Cup!  This was HUGE for Vegas as it's their inaugural season.  The Stanley Cup featured Vegas and the Washington Capitols.

So we were there Saturday June 2nd... this was game 3 of the Stanley Cup which was being played in Washington DC (series was tied 1-1 going into game 3).  So the Golden Knights weren't even in town, but there were still plenty of viewing party's.  We attended the one outside the T-Mobile arena.  I gotta tell you, it was a blast!!  Even though Vegas lost, I enjoyed every second of it.

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup was on Monday.  Again, Vegas lost.  That's when a buddy of mine sent this text message:


He was obviously joking... or was he?!  lol.  Either way, I was in Vegas for their two losses... so jumping on the 'I jinxed the Vegas Golden Knights' bandwagon, I decided to have some fun with it and tweeted this at the Washington Capitols team:


If anything, maybe I'd get a free trip to Vegas out of it.  Who knows, right?!  Well no response from the Washington Capitols and they ended up going on to win in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup (which was in Vegas) and took home the trophy.