This is child passenger safety week in the state of Washington and if you have a child authorities want to make sure your child is safe.
Nikki Sandino, a Community Service officer with the Yakima Police Department says many parents struggle with the best time kids should be in a car seat.
State law now says kids need to be in a rear facing seat until 2-years-old. Then between the ages of 2 and 4 children need to be in a five point harness seat.
Kids then need to be in a booster seat until they stand 4'9.

When kids are older they move to the seatbelt

If they're old enough to be out of a booster seat Sandino says the key is making sure your child fits properly in the seatbelt.
Yakima Police say the most common violations they see include seat belt straps that aren't secured and harnesses that aren't at the right level.

Are you a new parent with frustrations about the car seat? Call YPD

Sandino says many new parents struggle with trying to correctly install a safety seat. If that's you or someone you know contact the Yakima Police Department community services division to set up an appointment to get some help and helpful tips for your upcoming trip or for the summer driving season. Estimates are from 50% to 70% of child safety seats or not installed correctly. Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for those over the age of three in the United States. If you are a new parent or a grandparent who needs some tips or help you can make an appt. to get help to install your child safety seat in your vehicle by calling the YPD at 575-6197.

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