Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being pampered at Belu Salon in downtown Yakima. I showed up a little early for my appointment and was greeted by a friendly staff who offered me cucumber lemon water. I have friends that go to Belu and they've talked about how great of an experience it is, but you really have to see and enjoy it for yourself.

I sat down in the chair and received a paraffin hand massage from Nicole which is very relaxing. They put these warm bags on your hands with infused oils to moisturize the skin, then they put warm mittens on top of that to relax your hands. After about 10 minutes they massage your hands until you want to fall asleep. I then moved over to the haircut station to trim up and fine tune this handsome hairdo. My stylist Kristen is a perfectionist and got me squared away in no time. We then went to the shampoo station to try a tea tree (makes your scalp tingle) and washed out all the little hairs. Overall a very relaxing and feel good haircut.

To finish off my Belu Salon experience I got my first ever spray tan in the Versa machine. I was a little leary to spray tan but when you're pasty white and you need to go to the pool it's worth the gamble you might turn orange. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, they only carry the highest quality of products at Belu and it's was quick and easy and I've got a lot of compliments about getting a little tan in the sun (Shhhh, our little spray tan secret.) Overall it was a big city experience right here in downtown Yakima...and trust me, I'll be going back to maintain this natural tan. ;)

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