A series of videos are getting a lot of attention on YouTube right now and the question is do these videos constitute abuse by the parents?

The videos in question are pretty harsh on the language and you have kids of multiple ages involved in the pranks. The parents claim it's all in good fun, but after watching one of the videos, I couldn't stand to watch another one.

It took me straight back to my childhood and actions that I consider to be child abuse. Here's why I think it's abusive ...

I was getting ready to advance to the ninth grade and back then, you could be held back for a year. It was 30 years ago, so the report cards got mailed and at the bottom they would say if you advanced to the next grade or not.

I anticipated getting mine, hoping that I'd be advancing to 10th grade.

But my adopted mother decided to prank me, and when the report card arrived, she said I had failed and was being held back a grade. I broke down in tears, trying to figure out how I could have failed. I was visibly upset and ashamed of my failure.

I was then told it was a joke. I had actually passed.

I can't explain in words how hurt I was. I don't think this was something to joke about with a kid. I thought it was cruel. Unbeknownst to my adoptive parents, I tried really hard that year to get the best grades possible, so to hear that I had failed was beyond crushing to me.

I never forgave them for that prank, and sadly, my adoptive mother passed away without seeing me for more than 20 years. There were a lot of other reasons I never visited them after becoming an adult, but that's one of the minor reasons.

Parents have no idea the damage they can do to their kids, even with jokes and pranks.

The videos have people outraged and Social Services has now been contacted.

I'm not sure what should be done in the situation with the family the YouTube video, and I'm not going to judge their situation -- that's not my place.

I do believe from my perspective, it's sad we live in a society where YouTube views are more important than common sense. That's never a good thing, especially when you are a parent.

I'd love to know what you think --- take our poll at the bottom of this post, and Michele and I will discuss the results on the show.

Here is an example of the pranks -- be prepared for some NSFW language.

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