I'd like to think of myself as pretty observant but it looks like I'm totally oblivious to the obvious and my co-workers are in on the prank.

I stopped by one of our Account Executives cubicles to say hi and I noticed that she had a floating Happy Birthday balloon so I wished her a Happy Birthday.

She informed me that it wasn't her birthday and that the balloon had been there since December 20th.

I was perplexed because I stop by her cubicle all the time and these last few months I never noticed it. It's in dead center and in plain sight so how did I miss it?


She then pointed to our other co-worker across from her, noting another Birthday Balloon in plain sight, stating that it wasn't her birthday either and that her balloon had been there since November.

I can't figure it out but I suspect I'm being punked. I can't imagine that I haven't seen these floating balloons the last few months, my spidey sense is going off like crazy.

ba ba ba 3

They both swear that the balloons have been there but I'm not buying it.

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