My Birthday Lunch At Jack-son's Was Amazing
It has been years since I really celebrated my birthday. They come and go, so it is no big deal to me. Kids' birthdays are the ones we pay the most attention. Well on Monday (June 26), I walked into a true celebration.
Happy 90th Birthday To Bull Listener Vivian Williams
Michele and I love our listeners -- especially Vivian Williams of Prosser.
I don't recall when our paths first crossed, but I think she's been calling this particular station for over 15 years.
I think Vivian came over to listen to The Bull when the legendary "Hutch" crossed the street from …
It's been a super week!
With graduation celebrations, weird collections, the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and RIk's birthday, it's been a busy week around here.
The Morning Bull Pen crew can handle it, though. Especially since they're protected by the awesome powers of the new Green Lantern ring Rik got…
An 8-year-old at Hooters?
We've all heard of (or perhaps participated in -- not that we're asking) staging parties at places like ... say ... Hooters.
In most cases, it's probably all in good fun. Then again, in most cases it's a bachelor's last fling or to celebrate somebody turning 21...

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