The heatwave is here in the Yakima valley, everyone is doing their best to stay out of the heat and keep cool. However, some don't have the luxury of AC or a cool spot, so we found some tips and tricks to help you stay cool.

If you or someone you know is looking to stay cool during this heatwave, forward this to them and help people avoid heatstroke or severe sunburns, you can also send us your tips and tricks for how you stay cool in the summer heat.

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5.) Showers

Sure we all take showers to stay clean and to help fight off any kind of disease or rash. Bathing can help with all of that, but it can also help you beat the heat. You don't need to take a freezing cold shower, but a cold shower will help bring your body temperature down and fight off heat exhaustion

4.) Shade

If you plan on being outside make sure you find a safe spot out of the sun when you're trying to cool off. Shade is pretty common to find but you'll wanna find an area that's been protected from the sun. Some shady areas can be hot as it's been in the sun all day and is just now getting shade as the world rotates away from the giant fireball in the sky.

3.) Air Conditioning

If you have air conditioning you're in luck, you're staying inside and keeping cool while the temps spike up into the 100s. But if you don't have AC you can find it almost anywhere in the Yakima Valley, maybe take the day to go see a movie and enjoy the theater ac, or do some shopping at the mall and take your time going from store to store so you can stay cool. Better yet visit friends who have ac.

2.) Sunscreen

Whether you have fair skin or don't burn easily it's important to stay lathered up with sunscreen. It not only helps protect your skin from sun burns but harmful rays and the chance of developing skin cancer. It wont by any means stop the harmful rays entirely but it will help in the long run.

1.) Water

In extreme heat you need to keep hydrated even if you're cool, drinking soda, juice or beer won't help either, the human body is meant to consume 15.5 cups of water in a day. When dealing with extreme heat it's important to stay hydrated so you don't subcome to heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated will help keep you cool even if you're not in a cool spot.

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