How Is Smoking Cigarettes Still A Thing?
I'll admit to having lit up when I was a teenager but fortunately for me I never caught the "habit". I do like a cigar from time to time... once a year when I'm in Vegas maybe. As far as cigarettes go however I have never understood the fascination...
Am I Too Sick to Go to Work Today?
It's that time of year again ... and none of us is immune. Not even me!
Yup -- a nasty, stubborn cold has been making its way around our offices, and after hearing all the coughing and nose-blowing echo down the halls for the past few weeks, the bug finally landed in my work space.
Your Keyboard Has More Germs On It Than Your Toilet
In the past I've worked for radio stations who have done a disgusting contest "Lick It To Win It" where they get listeners to one up themselves in regard to what they're willing to lick to win tickets. Inevitably someone says "I'll lick the inside of a toile…
If Wood Smoke Kills Me, So Be It
Think Stock
Not that anyone's using theirs today, but apparently wood burning stoves are bad for our health. In Fairbanks, Alaska, they say that the air is worse during wood burning time than it is in Beijing. The national Clean Air Act people are trying to ban wood burning stoves so that everyo…

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