The Holiday season is officially in full swing and we haven't even carved the Thanksgiving Turkey yet. It's true, people everywhere are going out and shopping getting ready to make someone's Christmas or holiday the best one yet. Some local businesses are raking in the cash while others are prepping for the rush to hit their store.

So why are we telling business owners to be on the watch, well it has to do with a series of break-ins happening right here in the Yakima Valley. Whether It's the same idiots feeling brave to strike again while the iron is hot, or just someone else taking their chance at robbing a store it's happening again and again.

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3.) Multiple Businesses Struck

Over the last month or so multiple businesses have been targeted including a handful of gas stations and the latest being a computer repair store. One thing they all have in common was the windows were busted out. Some of these robberies were a success whereas others fell short taking very little with them.

2.) Damages To Your Store

These break-ins are happening while the store is closed, if you're not a store with local security you may be a target, tho these break-ins don't seem organized they also don't seem entirely random. Each store that was broken into had to repair windows after they were broken to get into the business. Of course, once inside more damage was done when they tried to break into registers or safes while also damaging other parts of the store looking for anything valuable.

1.) They haven't been caught. 

Whoever has been committing these break-ins has yet to be caught. People are taking extra precautions with their local businesses and setting up extra security cameras to catch whoever is doing this. With the Holiday rush on the way we don't see these robberies stopping anytime soon, so take care of your business and take any extra precautions available to stay safe. If you see something out of the ordinary going on at a business while the store is closed be sure to report it to the police and help keep Yakima Safe.

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