Drawing flags
Football fans can get a bit nasty in the stands. Rude. Vulgar. Confrontational. On the other hand, the art of effectively heckling the other team's players, getting in their heads, is a skill that few can master. This Seahawks fan, while trying to be clever, raised the ire of Bills fans and Seahawks fans alike when he shouted from the stands at Buffalo coach Kathryn Smith, "Waitress... Read M
In Yakima, You Can’t Escape The 12s, Part Deux
Last week I shared with you a badass Seahawk-logoed car. In another blog I did back in March I pointed out that it's nearly impossible to go more than a couple of hundred yards in any direction and not see a "12" of some kind (homemade or otherwise) in Yakima...
In Yakima You Can’t Escape The 12’s
In a blog I wrote on March 12th I talked about many of the homemade displays of Seahawks "12" logos you'll find throughout the Yakima Valley. Ironically Todd and I just drove back yesterday afternoon after a day at the Seattle Seahawks training camp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton when, just before we turn into the Townsquare Media parking lot, we spot this car proudly pe
Show your Hawk pride!
Having spent significant time in Seattle and living here I've come to a conclusion... there are more Seahawks fans in Yakima per capita than there are in Seattle. Fans here are so crazy they can't seem to find enough cool merchandise with logos that they have to make their own...
Undercounted 12s?
Football is officially back! There were a few surprises to opening weekend that included the Dolphins beating the Patriots and the Bills edging the Bears. Those may have been some of the on-field highlights, but I've noticed an off-field trend that seems even more surprising to me: It's the number of women who are becoming involved in the sport...
Seahawks 12th Man Gets Props On FOX’ ‘NFL Sunday’
In case you missed it before last Sunday's telecast of the Seattle Seahawks home game against the Minnesota Vikings (which Seattle won, 41-20) the Fox pre-game show "NFL Sunday" showed the entire country what we have known here in the Pacific Northwest for a long time.

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