It's the hottest day of the year. Are your fans helping you? Or working against you? It depends. Contrary to conventional thinking, fans aren't just for the summer.

Your ceiling fan could be turning the wrong way which can be working against keeping you as comfortable as you could be, depending on the season. Not to mention your fan turning the right direction could save you some $$$!

Some ceiling fans a selector switch that allow you to change the direction of your fan. And it’s a as simple as flipping that switch.

Fan summer
Fan In Summer Mode
fan winter
Fan in Winter Mode

Right now, in the summer, your ceiling fan should spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE. This forces air downward and keeps the air from getting stagnant and cooler overall.

During the summer, airflow in your home is not something we think much about, but it can help keep your house much cooler.

In our home, we have ceiling fans, a floor fan and a circular fan that keeps air movement and keeps the house cool. Keeping the air moving also allows for us to set the thermostat at 78 degrees, which is comfortable versus keeping it at 74-75 degrees, which can be costly.


In the winter, the opposite is true. Your ceiling fan should spin CLOCKWISE. The principle here is the warm rises. When a fan is introduced spinning clockwise, it distributes the warm air down and keeps a balanced temperature though out your home.

Also, higher speeds are preferred in the summer time. This energy is converted into cool air. In the winter low speeds will do the trick. Too much speed will cool instead of distributing the heat.

Don't worry, we’ll remind you as we get closer to winter.

Hope this helps keep you cool for now.


All My Best,

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