This should be added to the list that we use during the time change twice a year - along with checking the batteries in your smoke alarms / Carbon Monoxide detector. And, time to reverse the rotation of your fans!

Ceiling fans are the focus here. Some don't know, most fans have switch to reverse the blades to manipulate air movement. In the summer, the blades are designed to turn COUNTER-Clockwise to properly distribute the cool air chill effect on your skin, which makes a room feel cooler. This also saves on air conditioning costs.

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The exact opprosite is true for winter. Blades should turn CLOCKWISE. This redistributes of warm air makes a room feel warm and more comfortable to you and your family. Save on heating costs. Reduce the cost of heating energy.

So, dont be afraid to hit that switch as we get warmer here in Yakima, you can stay coller and save some $$$!

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