We all lose our temper from time to time but some people living in the Yakima Valley seem to live with their "Jerk Mode" activated all the time! Rude behavior is displayed constantly, whether we are driving on the road, shopping in a store, or even sitting at home commenting on the post section of a website!

Doing This in Yakima Valley Makes You A Jerk!

As of late, people who are not ashamed to act like a jerk have been renamed "Karen" and "Chad". We often see cases of jerk behavior in the Yakima Valley on a daily basis, so we asked some of our listeners what things they think people do around here that make them a jerk. Some of their answers were unexpected; we totally did not see that coming. A few of the answers were downright funny, though!


Hopefully, if you recognize yourself in one of the answers, you will take this as a wake-up call to change your selfish, jerk behavior!

  • "Not Returning a Grocery Cart in the stall." - David G.
  • "Taking a break at work!" Kali A.
  • "Stealing. Shooting at everyone and everything over stupid shi*t." Kim K.
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  • "Speeding through school zones." Rocky N.
  • "Coming [to the Yakima Valley] from California." Chase C.
  • "The ones that do the donuts in the intersections or parking lots." Travis C.
  • "Not having a heart or compassion or empathy for the homeless…. The drug addicted…. The sick… the lost and the poor." - Kristina B.
  • "Bumping your sh**y music." Brian L.
  • "Driving 50 mph in the passing lane, not getting up to speed before merging." Willie N.

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