It's safe to say that Dolly Parton had her worst date ever when she was a teenager.

The country icon virtually joined Jimmy Fallon and actor Noah Centineo while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a round of "True Confessions," in which the players have two envelopes — one that contains a true statement and one that is a lie — while the other players attempt to guess if their story is real or fabricated. In Parton's case, it was anybody's guess as she shared, "a date kicked me out of a car and made me walk home at night through a forest with bears and bobcats."

Leaving Fallon and Centineo understandably baffled, Parton admitted that she only dated the guy because he had a "nice car" and confirms that she "absolutely" came in contact with the aforementioned wild animals while trudging through the woods in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

"I heard them, felt them," she recalls. "That was not a pleasant place to be."

She also shares the shocking reason her date kicked her out of the car.

"It was a put out or get out situation, so he kicked me out," she states.

After careful deliberation, both Fallon and the To All the Boys: Always and Forever star accurately guessed that the story was true. The legendary singer handled it with her trademark wit.

"But I did learn something that night though. I thought if that ever happens to me again, I'm definitely giving it up," she quips. "I would rather be chewed on by a boy than a bear."

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