The Seattle Kraken has taken off to an amazing start in their Pre-Season but now the official season is about to start and it's time for them to show us what they're made of.

If you've been looking forward to NHL Hockey in Washington you won't wanna miss a single game, here's how you can watch the start of our season this Tuesday. I'll tell you where and how you can watch it!

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The Seattle Kraken will kick off their first official game in Las Vegas against the Golden Knights, the last expansion team to come out of the NHL, now they'll battle with pucks, pads, and sticks to show us who the best expansion team is.

This is a game you don't wanna miss, the kick-off to a long-awaited rivalry happens Tuesday at 7 pm. This will not only kick off our season but show us how bad the Kraken wanna win, each of the players on our team has something to prove after not being protected by their original teams during the expansion draft they have a vendetta to prove why they were much more valuable than other team owners anticipated.

To watch the games this year you'll either need to be subscribed to Root sports on your cable package or have Kong which is usually only on the west side of Washington. However, the first game is going to be held on Espn. This is a prelude to people wanting to watch the game this year without either option described above, it's been announced that with an ESPN+ subscription you'll be able to watch every game from the comfort of your own home.

To make sure you never miss a game follow the link below to the official Kraken website for a full season schedule.

Seattle Kraken Game schedule. 

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