EA Games announced today that NHL22 will be releasing on October 15th, 2021 letting you compete in the 22 seasons as your favorite team. The game will also offer you a chance to create your own team and just like the Kraken draft your team.

They also announced that you'll be able to play as none other than the new 32nd team of the NHL, The Seattle Kraken. There's a lot of awesome things about this game we'll get into, but first and foremost how the Kraken's lineup will change based on the team in real life.

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The Seattle Kraken lineup will change over time, more and more we'll see our roster change and with that updates from EA to NHL22 the rosters in-game will update letting you play as new players the Kraken pick up. Even better you can use this team to play through the 2022 season of the NHL

Check out the video below to see the trailer for yourself.

The trailer alone gets me excited, there will be new features in the game that will let you shine through with star players and make incredible goals and game-saving plays. You'll be able to play it on the following gaming systems.

Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

This game was built for the new generation of gaming consoles but will be backward compatible with the previous generation of consoles, but certain features will only be available for PS5 and Xbox. Series X. If you played NHL 21 then you'll be able to transfer your data from the previous game along with your created team.

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