On September 15th The Seattle Kraken released their official jerseys but if you're like me you've seen jerseys all over online before the 15th. The reason being is some fans were a little too eager to wait and buy an official Kraken jersey so they ordered one from a place called fanatics.

Fanatics is a great place if you're looking to save money on sports jerseys and merchandise, but horrible for accuracy. If you want something you'll see on the ice this season I'll help you get an inaugural 2021 Kraken Jersey.

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The main issue with fanatic jerseys is everything is ironed on which means it has a higher tendency of ripping, tearing, and coming unraveled in a short amount of time. I only say this because I've bought two myself years back for the winter classic.

There are also extreme differences between the two jerseys, in the fanatics, jersey notable things are missing including different artwork for the Seattle Kraken logo that includes raised stitching, straps, and an inaugural season patch that sits over the top right of your chest.

Another big reason why you should buy the official Adidas version of the jersey is that you'll be supporting the Seattle Kraken and not a third-party site. This will increase the team's revenue for future players, oh new merch just as the Seahawks and Seattle Mariners release.

Below you can spot the differences between a fanatics Jersey and a real Jersey produced by Adidas.

If you'd like to get your hands on an official Kraken Jersey use the link here.

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