This has to be a Yakima thing. Ya'll's gas stations have some of the best food at gas stations. I mean, Yakima is waaaayyyyy beyond snapping into a Slim Jim!

First it was Bullseye Burger in Selah with their awesome burgers, now it's some of the best teriyaki chicken I have ever had a Texaco Gas station Washington Ave.


When we arrived in town, we were hoteling it for about a month, so YELP was our best friend. I rely heavily on user reviews. It’s the best part of the internet. Others experiences at places is golden. So I kept seeing Flightline Convenience Center which serves Teriyaki Bowls on Yelp with a 5 Star Rating. This threw me off because, it’s a Texaco Station.

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I had to check this place out. So yesterday, I made the trek to see what it’s all about.

I rolled up and saw a bunch of cars and people in line. This place was popular. I was greeted by a masked employee. I ordered the Teriyaki Bowl. “Spicy or regular chicken?” “Spicy!” I replied.


Seeing all the people inside NOT getting gas and ordering food, I expected to be there a bit. So I looked around for about 3 minutes when they called my name, “Jim, Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl?” “That’s me!”


She handed me the to-go bag (you know, cause, ‘Rona) and I was on my way. The first thing I thought was, this bowl is heavy. That’s good.


I got home unwrapped it and dug in.

Oh, so THAT’S why they have 5 stars on Yelp. This really is some of the best teriyaki chicken I ever had. From a gas station? The chicken was tender, juicy, full of flavor. The steamed white rice which I am usually not a big fan of, was really good.

I had to remind myself, “Jim, you got this from a Gas station.”


For $6.99, it’s a great value for your dollar and the food is fantastic. Good portions, great flavor and fast service. Great for lunch if you are nearby.


So, there it is, truly, the best teriyaki in Yakima is at the Flightline Convenience Center /Texaco Gas Station on Washington Ave. Try it, let me know if you agree!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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