I might have mentioned not handing over cash to panhandlers but please don't let that stop you from giving to those in need.

There are many different non-profits that have outreach groups and programs set up for those currently in a tough spot. I just reached out and asked, "what do you need to be donated right now?" And here is what was said.

Camp Hope - Created in March 2017, in response to the city and county's need for alleviation of the homeless encampments that were popping up around town. You can always check their Website and Facebook wishlist but if you don't have access, here is what they are currently in need of; coats (as many as you can give), bedding, sleeping bags, heavy blankets, AND toilet paper. They are GOOD with clothes. The community has been fantastic here and in the lower valley with donating! A huge thank you to everyone who has and is getting ready to do so.

YWCA - "The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all" They have a dedicated Domestic Violence Advocate manning a helpline 24/7 for males and females in a tough situation and in need of guidance. You can call 509-248-7796 at any time. You'll find the wishlist for items via their website and they have even set up a wishlist on Amazon for easy ordering access. Currently, they are in need of; diapers, wipes and baby clothing, pillows, twin size sheets, and non-perishable food items.

Rod's House - This spot is dedicated to finding housing for young adults 18-24 in regards to finding housing and also an emergency shelter for youth ages 13- 24. They are open daily from 12 p - 4 pm daily. Items they are always in need of; individually packaged snacks, bus tickets, blankets, travel/hiking can openers, make-up, nail clippers, Ace wraps, large bandages, 1-2 person waterproof tents, thick and waterproof sleeping bags, unused tarps, hiking, and travel backpacks. Food items; Individual size juice and jugs of juice that don't need to be refrigerated. Individual snacks like beef jerky, trail mix, corn nuts, fruit snacks, peanut butter, rice Krispie treats, canned chicken or tuna, ravioli, and pop-top canned meals. Hygiene products; deodorant, mouth wash, body wash, full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, hairbrushes and bobby pins, sunblock, lip balm, tampons, hygiene wipes, and shaving cream. Men's Clothing; men's shoes, boxer, and briefs but no speedo briefs, white undershirts, tank tops, waterproof jackets, belts (all sizes) ankle socks. Women's Clothing; women's shoes, bikini style underwear (especially small) bras, and sports bras (all sizes) leggings, waterproof jackets, and ankle socks. Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies; latex gloves, toilet paper, plastic forks, disinfectant wipes, grocery bags, gallon-sized freezer bags, and dishwashing soap.

Spots to Donate

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