My wife is a huge Christmas fan. I think it's her favorite holiday, and as long as we've been together I've never helped her decorate. I know that seems insensitive, but I know that if I tried to help it wouldn't turn out the way she'd like it to. I've compiled the top five reasons why I shouldn't help my wife decorate for Christmas.



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    The Disappearing Candy Dish

    I would have to take multiple candy breaks throughout the decorating.

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    Dog Confused

    Barkley our dog would be confused and think that ornaments would make a great ball.

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    Tangled Lights

    I'd have no patience for tangled lights. I'd buy new lights every year, and just think about how much that would cost.

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    A 'Star Wars' Christmas!

    It would be a Boba Fett Christmas and I think some special Ewok cookies would hit the spot

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    Superheroes Protect Christmas Town

    I'd like to have some superhero protection in Christmas Town, you never know when Lex Luthor or The Joker could strike.

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