It wouldn't be a good week at work for me if I didn't post my weekly blog on WWE. In this edition I will lay out the five (count 'em) FIVE reasons why WWE has a very bright future and is solid investment:

  1. The WWE Network: It was only a matter of time until WWE launched its own network and paved the way for a new model in content delivery. We are moving past traditional cable service to a direct-delivery world, and WWE has the premiere platform. The company offers all 12 PPVs and thousands of hours of content to their most loyal fans. I wouldn't be surprised if down the road RAW and Smackdown were broadcast worldwide through their app.
  2. It attracts new fans with new products: My wife enjoys going with me to WWE events on occasion, and she will even watch RAW and Smackdown with me once in a while. She also enjoys my annual Wrestlemaina party! But you know what she really loves? Total Divas on E!. Kristina has since become a fan of Nikki and Brie Bella and Natalya. She enjoys the inside look into WWE along the personal lives and situations that the divas find themselves in. This is helping to introduce new fans to WWE products and will result in growth to the business through merchandise sales. Kristina now has a "Brie Mode" shirt she wears proudly.
  3. NXT: This organic brainchild of WWE has been fostered by Triple H and is proving why the WWE is on solid footing moving forward. The fast pace of the NXT wrestling style and the different types of characters are selling out arenas and venues all on their own (Barclays Center, San Jose and more.) The latest episode of "WWE 24" showcases an inside look into NXT and gives you a peek into the future of WWE.
  4. It's affordable: Some super fans like myself will spend quite a bit of cash on collectibles or T-shirts and other WWE swag, but if you really just wanted to go to a live event or "Monday Night Raw" you could do so for $15-$30. You won't be ringside, but you will be there to take in a multimillion-dollar show for less money than most comparable events. If you've never been to a WWE live event you are missing out.
  5. Wrestlemaina: This HUGE show culminates the end of the WWE season, and after WWE invades an entire region of the country for a week the dividends are monumental. Creating jobs and bring in thousands upon thousands of fans who spend millions upon millions of dollars on food, hotels, rental cars, and the event itself make hosting Wrestlmaina any city's dream. Fan Axxess, The Hall of Fame Ceremony, the "Monday Night RAW" after Wrestlmaina, all contribute to big money. To quote a 2014 WWE press release "WrestleMania 30 generated a record-breaking $142.2 million in economic impact for the New Orleans region this past April, according to a study conducted by the Enigma Research Corporation. This marks the third consecutive year that WrestleMania generated more than $100 million in economic impact for its host city."

Aren't conVINCEd that WWE is a solid investment? Ask the millions of rabid fans on social media who said they would never watch again after the Undertaker got beat to end a 21-year undefeated streak at Wrestlemaina. I can guarantee they and many others are still tuning in week after week to see what happens next.

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