Washington is very particular when it comes to everyday items and whether or not they're actually get used. Some of the things on the list you'll probably ask yourself. "Do I even own one of those?" The answer may shock you because after looking through my place I realized I even had these.

Maybe this will give you an excuse to do some spring cleaning at the end of summer, maybe it'll make you go on a fun little scavenger hunt. What I do know is you'll get a chuckle from what makes the list.

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#5.) Umbrellas

Yup you just furrowed your eyebrows questioning if you had one or not. Maybe you actually use one of these when it rains. However you may not get much use of them here in Yakima, but being from eh west side I learned if you used an umbrella out and about, you're probably a tourist.

#4.) Electronics Cords You Don't Even Have Anymore

We're all guilty of this one, but when you realize how much it costs to replace these cords. you probably hang onto them in hopes something else will be able to use them. I myself have three different laptop chargers that don't even go to my current computer. I know I also have a box of old cell phone charging cords that probably don't even work anymore.

#3.) Multiple Vases

Unless you display flowers often or have a significant other that always goes above and beyond you'd probably be surprised how many of these you have stored up somewhere. Everyone loves it when someone sends you flowers in a beautiful vase, but after the flowers are long gone what do you do with them? Well, you can always repurpose it. Maybe it can hold all those cords lying around you don't use. Or you can find a fun way to create a new gift with it and pass it along to someone else. But You should still save one or two...right?

#2.) Old magazines

This I know for a fact is in your place, unless you're in a new apartment or house and just got done throwing them out, you have these. I have magazines from when my favorite bands had finally made the cover or gaming magazines that featured my favorite game, heck even have a few superhero magazines talking about the movies. I was dumbfounded when I found them or why I even held onto them when they hadn't even been opened since 2002

#1.) Craft Supplies

Either you or someone in your family has had a want to make some arts and crafts, whether you saw a Pinterest post or a TikTok you decided "Hey I wanna try that." I only know that because I did the same thing. But as life moves forward you forget about it, tried it and gave up, or just tossed it on the back burner and now have some random craft supplies taking a box somewhere.

Did anything on this list turn out to be in your home, or am I just a hoarder? Shoot me a message and let me know if this was creepily close!

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