The latest, and full, reveal of 'The Flash''s new TV costume has us relieved that the supersonic superhero doesn't look too much like an athletic version of Daredevil.

While we recently got a close-up look at what the Flash's helmet will look like in the upcoming 'Arrow' spin-off series on the CW, it's great to finally see the full thing. The zoomed-in perspective on star Grant Gustin's head was nice and all, but this full-body shot of him in the new suit gives us hope that we haven't had for quite some time for a DC Comics franchise that doesn't have to do with Batman or Superman. You can see a larger photo of the Flash at the bottom.

For some reason, the powers that be still believe that fans wouldn't line up to see a Wonder Woman movie, just as Marvel is moving ahead with its Black Widow feature film. Let that sink in for a moment: Marvel is making a Black Widow movie before DC even considers doing a film about one on the most recognizable female superheros of all time. So the unveiling of the new Flash costume is a good thing, a sign of progression in DC Comics' live-action universe, even if it is a small-screen version.

Three-time Oscar award winner Colleen Atwood (who also worked on Stephen Amell's excellent costume for 'Arrow') designed the new Flash outfit. And let's be thankful it doesn't look nearly as bad as the old one. The new costume is a darker shade of red than what we were expecting, but then again, bright red spandex would probably be a bit much.

The yellow stitching along the arms recalls the Flash's look from DC's New 52 line, which revamped all of the company's major characters from scratch. The thermal/long-john underwear material on the shoulders, arms and legs look a bit out of place on a guy who fights crime. The Flash is untouchable because of his super-fast speeds, so it's not like he has to worry about physical protection.

While no premiere date for the show has been named yet, production on the first episode recently started. So we're estimating that we won't be seeing the Flash on our screens until sometime later this year.

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