In case you missed the story earlier this week, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson recently said he spends about $1,000,000 or MORE each year keeping his body in tip-top condition.

1 Million Dollars a year. That’s some serious coin. Of course Russell makes $35 million per year on the four-year extension worth $140 million he signed last April. That averages out at $2.1M per game. So a million may sound like a bit much, but, he has a very short window to make that money. The story here is, Russell is investing in himself to be his best. That makes sense. And we reap the benefits with great game play week after week.

He really is earning his keep and it’s inspiring.

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This brings to mind, what are some of the things we do to invest on ourselves who don’t throw a ball for a living? How do we invest in ourselves?

How about this? The average woman spends $3,756 a year (or $313 a month), which adds up to $225,360 throughout their entire lifetime ages 18-78. This includes hair care, which the average female spends over $55,000 on grooming, styling, highlights, trims, shampooing and blow drying in her lifetime.

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This includes skin care and makeup. Face wash, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, toner, primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eyebrow product, highlighter and lipstick.

How about shoes? The average woman spends $25,000 on shoes in their lifetime.

Guys, on the other hand invest in themselves in different ways. Self-care looks a bit different between men and women. One of the ways men invest in themselves is Sports and Leisure.

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The average male golfer spent $2,776 per year on golf-related expenses

Males spend an average of $112 a month on gaming content (although women are making big inroads into gaming). When it comes to electronics, men’s average annual spend of $969, as opposed to women who spend just under $700, with the gap narrowing each year.

So this is something to think about beyond gym memberships and working out - how do you invest in yourself?You should follow Russell Wilson’s example, because you are worth it.

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