Remember Madballs and Popples? If you, like us, managed to successfully block out most of your childhood, the answer is a resounding "no"!

There were seriously some pretty awesome toys when we were growing up. We have a dozen nieces and nephews to shop for every Christmas, and so we feel we can confidently say that toys used to be way better. We're not just saying that to be nostalgic; after all, you can't be nostalgic for something you don't remember!

Look back and remember how amazing (maybe) your childhood was.

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    Puppy Surprise

    Despite what this commercial would lead you to believe, owning a Puppy Surprise in no way prepared you for when your dog went into labor while both of your parents were at work.

  • 2

    My Pet Monster

    Remember the movie? Thought it was great as a kid, re-watched it recently and, when it was over, actually apologized to mom for making her sit through it so many times. Childhood!

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    Man, owning one of these would've been a great way to have a friend as a child.

  • 4



    What were the rules to play with pogs? It was never entirely clear to us, and we're pretty sure the main point was just to show off how many pieces of shiny cardboard you had? Is that right?

  • 5

    Splash Out

    A friendly alternative to a popular game from childhood -- turning the hose on full blast, pinching it shut and then sneaking up on somebody and blasting them with it, preferably when they were on their way to meet up with friends.

  • 6

    Water Wigglies


    Sincere question: were we the only ones as a kid who couldn't play with one of these without thinking the word "prolapse" the entire time?

  • 7

    Pogo Ball

    Couldn't have one of these as a kid because Mom was convinced we'd break our collarbone. But really, after the third or fourth time, it's not much worse than spraining a finger.

  • 8


    Remember how much fun it was the one time you opened your Popple, and then you could never get it stuffed back into a ball again?!!!

  • 9

    Monster in My Pocket

    Tons of Toys
    Tons of Toys

    Monster in My Pocket: both a toy from childhood and a popular saying among unpolished pedophiles.

  • 10


    Try as you may, hiding your Madballs in a bowl of fruit never frightened anyone. It only led to having to clean your room. Thanks, Madballs.

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