Friday the 13th is a phenomenon where the 13th lands on a Friday, for thousands of years Friday the 13th has been dubbed the most unlucky day of the year and one of the scariest. It even inspired an entire film franchise, yes we're talking about Friday the 13th.

Some people avoid the day all together calling out of work or just staying inside all day. Others consider themselves thrill-seekers who challenge the unlucky day at every corner, crossing the path of black cats, walking under ladders, and even spending time in haunted places. So we made a list of the top 5 scariest places around Washington for this Friday the 13th!

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5.) Meeker Mansion in Puyallup Washington 

Meeker Mansion originally housed Eliza and Ezra Meeker, the two were original pioneers that helped build the city of Puyallup. After their passing people who resided in the home or took care of its claim that their ghosts haunt the hauls of this mansion. Even today people account strange activities in the home to being the ghosts of the Puyallup founders.

4.) University Heights in Seattle

University Heights used to be a school but was turned into a community center. Since the alterations people claim to have seen the spirit of a small boy roaming the halls. Janitors have quit due to hearing kids laughing and no one being around. Is it people's own fears that cause them to see and hear the young boy or is it truly the spirit lingering in the living world? You'll have to take on the adventure yourself to find out.

3.) Campbell House, Spokane Washington

The Campbell family once resided in this house, with horror stories circulating about the property the story went that three kid were killed by an intruder, the fourth kidnapped. However the Campbell family claimed they only had one child who grew up and lived out their adult life. It's now a museum of painting around the house, people claim the spirit of the children reside in the house and will often take over the paintings making it so the eyes are constantly watch you roam as you roam their home.

2.) Tacoma's Original City Hall

The city Hall had been shut down for years, however peole claim to hear voices, see lights flicker that haven't been turned on in ages, alarms would go off every night to the point where police were called. They reported they found nothing but left with an erie feeling reporting something just wasn't right. Ghost hunters have tried to get into the building for years with no such luck.

1.) Capitol Theater in Yakima

Many believe the Capitol Theater in downtown Yakima is haunted and the stories they have will send shivers down your spine. The main ghost said to be haunting the theater goes by the name of "Shorty" an old manager of the mid-1930s had taken his own life in the theatre and is said to be there to this day, employees have claimed to hear footsteps following them, sounds of faint screams and even a claim of a door being slammed in someones face with no one else on the other side to slam it. Tho Shorty is rumored to still be around his old stomping grounds some claim more spirits linger in the theatre, some are not sure if it's people who died there or if it's just spirits that found their way to "Shorty".

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