Are cheese zombies, fry sauce and beer required for a real Yakima Thanksgiving? Am asking for a friend.

I think what I am really asking is, what does a real Yakima Thanksgiving look like? There’s got to be a beer in there somewhere right?

How about another Washington favorite – Fry sauce. Any room for that at a Yakiman Thanksgiving? I know fry sauce is paired best with fries (hence the name, fry sauce). So we have to get creative here. So, how about Fry Sauce gravy? It could spice up those veggies or whatever meatage is at your table. Just saying, it could be worth the effort. Just don’t make too much just in case it doesn’t go over well. As with all things in life, it’s best to leave them wanting more, rather than overindulging.

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I have come to love me some Cheese Zombies. I get them from ‘Vieras’ bakery on Lincoln. Will you find these on a typical Yakiman Thanksgiving table? It has to be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table. Cheeses and bread baked together? Yeah, that has to be there.

Lastly, there has to be beer at most Yakimans Thanksgiving table. Let recommend a few locals for the season shall we?

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Notes of caramel, dark malt, coffee, citrus, pine & spice.

Redhook Winterhook for the holiday anyone?

BASICally Fall Pumpkin Ale

A dark beer has notes of smooth, rich chocolate, with coffee notes might be a great way to finish a meal.


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