Yakima Police are investigating a gang related shooting reported Saturday at the entrance to a local grocery store.


It was Sunday August 22 when 23-year-old Jose Rivera De La Cruz was walking out of the Valley Mall in Union Gap when he was shot dead at the southwest entrance. He wasn't part of a gang but was caught between two groups firing shots. Police say no innocent shoppers were hit after a shooting Saturday night at the Safeway store at 2204 West Nob Hill Blvd. near the west entrance. Officers were called to the store at about 10:34PM. The suspects fled the area before police arrived. Minutes later one of the victims showed up for treatment at Toppenish Regional Hospital for multiple gunshot wounds. However the wounds were not life threatening.


Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely says the shooting was gang related. He says "patrol officers did a fantastic job of managing a chaotic scene. Officers were able to gather video evidence from Safeway’s security video surveillance system and now all four adult subjects involved have been identified."
He says the investigation has been turned over to an already very busy gang unit of the Yakima Police Department. In the next several weeks Seely says they'll be working closely with the prosecutor’s office to hold those individuals involved accountable as the investigation continues on this Monday.
If anyone has information about this investigation you are encouraged to contact the Yakima Police Department at (509) 575-6200.

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