In 2020 people went above and beyond for Christmas decorations, if you wanna join in and really show up the neighbors we looked around the Yakima Valley to give you the best spots to buy your lights.

The reason we mention these stores is because of all the deals they're offering, some have up to 50% off on lights and decor.

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Hobby Lobby

Talk about overstocked and on sale, Hobby Lobby is stuffed to the gills with holiday decor and a lot of amazing lights, either indoor or outdoor so there's plenty to choose from. Right now leading up to Christmas all decor is up to 50% off.


They've been stacked up when it comes to Christmas, even before Halloween was really over. After stopping in the other day it's obvious to see they're loaded on Christmas lights and outdoor decor to fill up the entire yard or maybe a little over the property line too.


Slowly but surely Target is filling up their aisles with Christmas cheer for all to see and hear. With Christmas lights that may run you a little extra but to be honest I haven't seen some of these specialized Christmas lights anywhere but Target, so it's for sure worth checking out.

Lowes Home and Garden

Go figure Lowes has everything you need when it comes to outdoor decor, including a lot of Christmas Lights, stands, and signs that are too cute to pass up. They're even offering some decent sales to make sure you have everything you need.

Big Lots

Talk about deals on deals on deals, look no further for all your Christmas needs at Big Lots, they have all kinds of sales for your Christmas Lights and decor so you won't miss out on a single thing.

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