Times are changing, and Granger High School is the first school in the Yakima Valley to adopt a no backpack policy.

Granger High School sent home this notifications to students this week and enforcement should soon follow.

Because of the increased school violence in the Yakima Valley, Granger High School will be changing it's policy on backpacks permanently. Granger High School will no longer allow students to bring backpacks, purses, or other school bags that can be used to conceal weapons, drugs or alcohol. We understand that this is an inconvenience and will take some reorganization and planning for families, but our main concern is that school is a safe place for learning. Students can use transparent grocery bags, laundry mesh bags or other similar transparent items for PE and sports clothes. The only school supplies students are required to bring are their 3-ring binders with notebook paper and writing supplies. Students who continue to bring backpacks will have a letter sent home and disciplinary measures will be enforced starting Monday, March 12th. In addition, high school doors will remain locked until our staff arrives at 7:30 AM. Teachers and coaches who have early morning practices will advise students on meet times and procedures for entering the building. Thank you for your support.

It looks likes a step in the right direction for schools and keeping kids safe.

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