Many holidays have a movie dedicated to it. In fact, Christmas has more than anyone can count. I'm sure there are some Easter films, but those are most likely either religious or cartoons. Yes, a whole franchise based around Halloween. Independence Day has the alien movie with Will Smith. When it comes to "holiday movies" one stand above them all & it's one of my favorites, Groundhog Day! It has become a tradition in my house to watch it, in fact last year, was the first time for my wife. She had seen bits and pieces of the Bill Murray comedy, but never the whole thing. While we were kicking back with the popcorn and needle-nosed Ned Ryerson, my wife asked how long was Phil (Bill Murray) repeating the same day. I told her that I thought like 10 years, because of a DVD extra I watched back in the day with director, the late great Harold Ramis commentary. My wife, much smarter than I am, was like "no, that doesn't seem long enough." To which I started looking at aspects of the movie, Phil becoming an expert piano player, fluent in French, a great ice sculptor. So of course, to the google!

Thanks to the hard work & number crunching of's Ash Millman & Simon Gallagher, we know that Bill Murray was trapped in the same day loop for roughly 12,395 Days. Or 33 Years, 350 days. They did the addictive addition by counting the different scenes, paying closer attention to the film's dialogue (like when Phil says he's seen this movie over 100 times), looking at how long it takes to be come good/expert in many fields seen in the movie, etc. etc. It looked to be a maddening process, thank you for doing it, so we don't have. Check out the detailed video from WhatCulture's YouTube page below.


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