As I was on my Google Chrome browser today and texting on my Android phone, I realized that when it comes to interactive media, Google plays a GIGANTIC role in my life. What really solidified that was when I was using my phone to check my Gmail account and downloading my app for Google+ so I can use the social network on my phone. I wondered how other people used felt about this media giant so I ask you this, has your life been taken over by Google?

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    Besides any social network sites and your email, which website do you visit the most?

    If it's, that's understandable. It's the most commonly used search engine and a lot of people use it so you're not too attached if you said Google.

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    What site do you use for your personal email?

    If you said Gmail, that's not a big deal either. A lot of people use Gmail as well as businesses and schools. So far, you're not too wrapped in.

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    Do you have an Android Powered Phone?

    Google owns Android so if you have an Android powered phone then you have a Google phone, which means you have all of the Google features too. For example, the Google and Google Maps applications are already installed on your phone as well as the YouTube (owned by Google) app. And if you didn't have a Gmail already, when you get a Google phone you have to set up one when you get your phone, or at least that's what I had to do. If you're Googled out at this point you should be a little concerned.

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    What web browser do you use?

    More and more I see people use Google Chrome as a primary browser. If you use it then that means you probably went out of your way to find a browser that you like and are willing to use Chrome instead of being impartial and just wanting to surf the web regardless of what browser is available. How do I know this? PCs have Internet Explorer already installed, MACs have Safari installed but you actually have to manually download Google Chrome online so that you could use it instead of the browsers already installed. If you use Google along with the other three answers, then you have a bit of a problem.

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    Are you on Google+?

    Google+ is a social network that was created in June of this year and members were only able to register on an invite-only basis while in its prototype phase. However two weeks after its launch, 10 million users signed up; two weeks, invite only... that's a lot of users. It's only been up for two months, so you must have really wanted to jump on the Google train, especially since it's a little more exclusive than Facebook and Twitter.

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