I am a firm believer in the United States Constitution. It is unfortunate that people really do want to change it.  Our forefathers put a lot of thought into the writing of the U.S. Constitution for a good reason -- it's for our protection as United States citizens. The constitutional right to bear arms is part of that. It's to help us protect ourselves and to stand up for our country. I am a gun owner. That is never going to change. Do I use my gun for bad things? Absolutely not. Would I use my gun to help protect myself and my family even if it resulted in something bad happening? Yes I would. This guy who is all about owning guns but feels the same way I do to use them only if necessary, takes this anti-gun talk show host Out To Lunch!

Among her questions:  "Why would anyone want more guns?" And "Why would anyone want more than one gun?"  I want to collect every gun ever made. Someday I will have them all. Yakima Arms and The Range is where I got my last two.

Have you purchased a gun in the past year?





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