Friday night my cellphone met an unfortunate fate. It was snug in my back pocket when I needed to use the restroom. Normally, I'm pretty good about remembering to remove my phone from my back pocket, but I was tired. As I went to sit on the golden throne to do my business I heard a "kerplunk."

Freezing in mid-sitting position, it took my brain a second to figure out what had just occurred. The panic set in as I stood up and turned to face the horror that awaited me ... my cellphone sitting in a public toilet.

I had to have a pep talk with myself: "You can do this. Michele. Just stick your hand in and grab it."

I could see the water inside the screen. My phone soon met its watery fate and powered off with no hope of turning back on.

We stuck it in a bag of rice when we got home. My son's girlfriend's mom had one of those silica bags with the beads that change color after it's extracted the water. We stuck the dead wet phone in the bag and I silently said a little prayer. The bag says it takes 48 hours.

Forty-eight hours went by with no bead change. We had heard about The Phone Shop in Yakima being able to dry out wet cellphones. So we rushed the dead patient in, hoping that they could revive it.

They said that the iPhone 6 actually holds water inside it, so the rice or silica bags won't work. They kept the patient overnight and I returned the next day expecting bad news, but was met with the best news possible. The patient was awake and working! Granted, it didn't escape the accident without some scars ... the screen has some lines and doesn't quite look right, but so far that seems to be the only lasting issue.

Have you dropped your cellphone in water? What happened? Did it survive?


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